The Blue Mugge


The pub was purchased in 1976 by Geoff and Celia Harrison. In 1979 they changed the name from the The Queens Arms to give it it’s unique name ‘The Blue Mugge’, after Geoff found the original ‘Blue Mugge’ in the attic and was informed of the history of the Blue Mugge and it’s place in ‘The Blue Mugge Room’, a room that was a male only room.

A visitor wishing to join the regulars in ‘The Blue Mugge Room’ would be informed that he had to buy the inhabitants of the room a drink, this was a test of character, as if the person agreed, the male occupants would produce a glass that was only a third of a pint.

The pub is now in it’s 34th year of trading since being brought by the Harrison family and is well known for it’s well priced home cooked food, a regular entry into the good Beer guide, top football side and a great across the board clientele, creating a homely atmosphere.


Welcome to the Blue Mugge

"This is v best pub in leek.It has a brilliant atmosphere for both young and old. The ale is sound and the landlord is top banana. Highly recommend it to fellow drinkers out there,you wont be disappointed."  

“The Blue Mugge - When you get to 30, its nice to go in for early doors on a Friday, and stay until you cant walk - great atmosphere.”   

As featured in, The Guardian newspaper and Midlands Today TV